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Cosmos in Chrysanthemum – The Perfect Tea for Fall

cosmos tea

The weather is easy to change in autumn, and the day-to-day difference in temperature is large. It is good to drink tea that is useful for health at the turn of such a season. It is recommended that tea using fragrant autumn flowers such as cosmos and chrysanthemums and autumn season fruits such as karin.

Chrysanthemum alba

Chrysanthemum is a flower representing autumn, which is said to be good for preventing aging and improving immunity. Also, when eyes get tired, they drink when they drink, they say that they have the effect of alleviating neuralgia, headache, dizziness etc. In addition, it contains a lot of good choline for fatty liver prevention.

Iwagiku tea

Iwagiku is a medicine originally used for traditional Chinese medicine, it is said to be effective when used on September 9 of the lunar calendar, it is also called ninety-ninth grass. Iwagiku has the property of warming the body, especially effective for female disease. It helps relieve menstrual pain and menopausal symptoms, helps blood circulation, perfect for those with cold hands and feet. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory effect, it is good for halitosis prevention.

Wolfberry tea

Wolfberry, which is regarded as a secret agent of elder life and long life, is said to have high antioxidant activity. Kuko contains vitamin C and β carotene and improves liver function, it is said to be effective in preventing aging and restoring fatigue. However, people with weak gastrointestinal intestines can induce abdominal pain and diarrhea, so you have to be careful.

Persimmon leaf tea

It is said that persimmon leaves, which are said to be a treasure trove of vitamins, contain 20 times more vitamin C than lemon. Therefore, it is effective for respiratory diseases such as cold, has a high diuretic effect, improves metabolism. Besides that, it is rich in calcium and hemoglobin, and it is good for growing children. However, because it contains tannins, it is better to avoid those with constipation.

Cosmos tea

Cosmos is also a representative flower of autumn, has a property of cooling the body, it reduces fever. Moreover, it makes the blood smooth and has a high detoxification effect. Cosmos has anti-inflammatory effect, as it has been used for treating odor from long ago, symptoms are relieved when you drink cosmos tea when your eyes are congested.

Karin Brown

Karin is a fruit season from September to October, it is rich in vitamin C, it is effective for prevention of colds and alleviation of symptoms. It is also recommended for those with respiratory diseases such as asthma, which can be expected to be effective in throat inflammation. Karin promotes the secretion of digestive enzymes, and it is good to drink when the stomach is leaning or twisted. Besides that it is said that you should drink when you have a hangover. However, it is better to avoid people with low back pain or knee pain.

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