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The reason for drinking buck tea

drinking tea

Antihypertensive tea is suffering from hypertension many friends will choose tea, but after drinking buck tea there friend buck guzheng, what is happening?

Why do you drink your step-down tea

Some netizens say that they are always bloated after they finish drinking tea. Why? Why do they think it is? After that, experts think that after blot out of the tea, it may be caused by substances in the tea, which is caused by the digestion of food in the stomach and intestines. So how should the swelling be relieved?

How to relieve the abdominal distention

1, you can use some cool oil or peppermint oil around the belly navel, so it can slowly reduce the feeling of flatulence.

2, the use of citrus skin to drinking buck tea, or mint tea can also ease the symptoms of stomach flatulence.

3, do an action can effectively exhaust, will lie flat on the bed, hands hold thighs, as close as possible to the stomach. Such a posture can effectively promote the elimination of gas in the intestinal tract. If people often appear stomach flatulence, it is suggested that doing this action every night can effectively protect the stomach and intestines, and also reduce the accumulation of gas in the stomach and intestines.

4, bananas and bananas, though bananas can’t help exhaust, bananas can increase the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines, prevent constipation, eat more bananas and make people effective defecation, so the body’s gas will also be eliminated in the process of defecation.

From the text we can appear bloated after drinking buck tea to buck is due to antihypertensive substances in the tea, here to remind you, when a bloated don’t eat glutinous rice, sweet potato, soybean and other objects, or make the disease worse oh.

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