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Think of a Cup of Tea

Think of a Cup of Tea

Whether it is Chinese or foreigners, to change their basic ideas, out of their comfort zone to try new things, is not an easy thing.

Recently just the new Cup of Tea market, not long ago received bamboo leaves green custom tea, so I took to the office to colleagues early adopters. A few old outskirts of the whole process of my drink, looking at the cups of tea buds erected, are issued a tut exclaimed sound. I told them that watching tea is like red wine in the same fragrance, is an essential part of Chinese tea culture.

But when I put the tea on the Cup of Tea side to ask them to taste, they hesitated to take over, smell and smell, that is, dare not mouth to drink. Because in their knowledge, the tea should be tea powder, tea bags , Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea.

And in front of this cup of water, full of the mysterious magic of the Asian atmosphere, the United States is the United States, but want to swallow the stomach, but a little reluctantly tricky.

Out of courtesy, they sip a few mouthfuls, put on the side. Get off work, everyone’s desk is still full of a cup of tea.

For me, in the “promotion” of Chinese culture suffered such a defeat, is not the first time.

Watching them look fascinated, I suddenly came to the momentum.

Such as dishes on a plate on the table, my colleagues face expression is slowly becoming surprised. They raised their chopsticks carefully, carefully holding the recipes into their mouths.

I could not bear the heart of the Zuo Zongtang chicken and sesame beef.

In cities like New York, everyone advertises their willingness to accept new things.

Those who have been to the United States probably know how American Chinese food is all about.  I found the Chinese Restaurant in the map, the results of dense.

Also, there are sesame chicken and dried tangerine peel chicken, flavor almost the same.

The taste of all these dishes is similar.

The feeling of each restaurant is very different;

There is a lot of starch thicken the sticky egg soup, hot and sour soup is also very common.

Americans eat Chinese food;

The menu also looks.

And even the storage box is almost, often seen in the US drama.

Accepted high American Shaxian snacks are fast food, not the standard Chinese fare. The difficulty is a common phenomenon, not to mention the impact of two kinds of food culture.

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  1. i wouldnt be suprised if green tea made u fly

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