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If you want a tea, better prepare yourself

If you want a tea, better prepare yourself

Containing everyone when you prepare a few cups of tea is impossible. The expert in this drink Tetley Sebastian Michaelis and Professor James Hind of the University of Nottingham Trent explain why.

Tea is a drink that adapts to any situation and can be drunk both in winter and in summer. Its taste, slightly bitter, likes almost everyone. However, if you invite your friends to a tea and prepare it yourself, it may not be to everyone’s taste. Why?
Generally, sugar, since, according to the study, it is preferable that the original bitter taste prevails.

Regarding this, Michaelis has told Mirror that “What I found fascinating is that there are many possible ways to make a cup of tea, but there is no secret method for the perfect cup of tea, whether you add milk or not, what is crucial for a great cup of tea is the mixture “, he adds that” Everyone drinks their tea a little differently, and that is why nobody can do it as perfectly as you “.

Both experts concluded their research stating that more than 50% of people who Organic Hangzhou Tian Mu Qing Ding Green Tea think that the most important thing to make good tea is the time spent preparing it.

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