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Did you know that you can avoid bad breath with your diet?

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Whether or not you have a special person to kiss, living with bad breath is extremely uncomfortable. We can not depend on toothbrushes everywhere or mint chewing gums all day. Here I present you some simple tips to follow in your diet to always have fresh and pleasant breath:

Stay well hydrated

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It sounds like a broken record, but you should drink about two liters (8 glasses) of plain water per day. Being hydrated not only makes your skin shine and your brain to work a hundred. The water that you are constantly drinking throughout the day will help to remove the bacteria from the mouth so that they do not reproduce uncontrollably and keep them at bay. If it’s hard for you to drink simple water, you can use teas and infusions without sugar. EYE: Limit your consumption of coffee and black tea, as the amount of caffeine damages the enamel of your teeth, making them vulnerable to bacteria.

Avoid sugars and refined flours

Do you remember when we were children and the dentist told you that, if you ate lots of sweets, you would get cavities? Well, it’s true. The favorite food of the bacteria in the mouth are simple carbohydrates, which can be found in candies, sweetened drinks, soft drinks, chips and cookies. Avoid them and try to include in your snacks foods with fats and / or protein, such as peanuts, nuts and seeds. These two nutrients are cariostatic, that is, they are not consumed by bacteria.

Includes foods rich in probiotics

Many times, even if you wash your teeth and chew mint gum, bad breath does not come from the mouth, but from the stomach. This is a sign that our gastrointestinal tract is not entirely healthy. Consuming foods with probiotics, such as yogurt, kefir and kombucha, will help regulate your intestinal microbiota, not only improving your digestion but your breath.

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Prefers crunchy foods

Needless to say that to always have good breath we have to eat a healthy and balanced diet, but include crispy foods, such as celery, apple, nuts and raw carrots, mechanically help to clean your mouth.

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