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The Wonders of Tea With Ana Delgado

-Lately, I’m doing tastings because people want to know more about tea; When I do the tasting, I give a somewhat full explanation regarding what tea is and its origin. In addition to the most important events that revolved around the Tea, I also talk about the different varietals and leaf varieties, tasting high-end strand flavors and letting them know its infinite properties, is something that many do not know, explains the lover of the tea.

Tea is the combination of herbs and species “making combinations to repower the tea is something extraordinary,” Ana says.

Proving that it is an essential invention for everyday life, according to what it achieves in the body of the people who consume it. There are many types, and each one has a different purpose. Tea helps raise the immune system produces calmness and good humor.

Of the 68 tea blends that Delgado has made, he explains the properties of some of them:

“Oolong and Puerh are excellent for after meals, since they are digestive, and they help with cholesterol and triglycerides.

Green tea raises the defenses. White helps with the circulation of blood. Superfine Tan Yang Gong Fu Black Tea is ideal to drink during peak hours, when mood lows often occur, causing the body to activate.

Tips and revelations like these are those that Delgado tells when directing a tea tasting. Ana the task of educating and teach about the product that she makes.

Tea at this time can be a protagonist with you. I recommend at least two cups of tea a day for the good health of your body, “says Ana.

Even each type of tea has its unique flavor and smell.

The quota must aside; the event has a limit of 22 people.

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  1. Green tea will solve all your problems´╗┐

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