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Differences between bulk tea and tea bags

Differences between bulk tea and tea bags

Tea or bulk tea bags: differences and properties between them. Tea or bulk tea bags: differences and properties between the two. One is more practical and specifies quantity and the other preserves the minerals and aroma

At present, tese is consumed all over the world, because its properties, both digestive and therapeutic, are more than proven. Here are some of the main differences in tea consumption in sachets or in bulk:

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Lack of time. Tea in sachets is an industry response to the pace of life today. To enjoy a steaming cup of tea you only need a tea kettle and add an infusion bag. That easy. On the contrary, bulk tea requires a little more time for its preparation. It is necessary to measure the recommended dose, boil the water at a suitable temperature and let the mixture stand for the indicated time.

Artisan collection versus mechanized harvesting. One of the main differences between bag tea and bulk tea is in the form of the collected. Bulk tea is still handcrafted for its collection, while the one that is purchased in sachet format is collected in a mechanized way, that is, a machine cuts the entire tea plant and then crushes it completely. In this way, it is much easier to insert the sheets into the bags. By following more traditional methods of harvesting, bulk tea preserves the aroma and its properties better, giving rise to infusions full of flavor and odor. It is also true that the collectors reserve their largest and most attractive leaves for the sale of bulk tea, leaving the leaves broken to put in bags.

Formats for people with little time. In the market you can find tea bags in pyramidal format. This is due to the fact that tea leaves of better quality are used, which preserve all their aromas better, but without equaling the quality of the tea leaves in bulk.

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Flavor. The main difference of consumption between one and another variety is quality and taste. The leaves of bulk tea encennt more whole, so that they retain all their aroma and organoleptic properties, giving rise to infusions full of flavor.

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