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matcha tea, GREEN GOLD

matcha tea, green

Herbaceous, bitter and with a sweet aftertaste, it is the best matcha tea in the world.

This bright greenish-colored powder tea is all the rage in the West. 

Its preparation is also different and requires a careful ritual away from traditional infusions.  The chasen, also of bamboo, to beat (it has 80 fine rods) and a special bowl, the chawan, of a characteristic size so that it does not overflow: in it the dose of matcha tea chosen with water at 85 degrees will be vigorously beaten, until there are no lumps, it is creamy and there is a fine foam on its surface. Finally sneaks.

You do not drink infusion, but eat all the ingredients

The sudden popularity has to do with the trend towards healthy food. Matcha accounts for the “superfoods”, ie those foods that are said to contain an extraordinary number of positive-acting nutrients and are therefore particularly attractive to vegetarians and vegans. For example, the ground green tea contains vitamins A, B, C and E, iron, calcium and potassium. Unlike ordinary tea, you not only drink an infusion and then throw the leaves away, but eat all the ingredients.

Matcha, the healthy watchdog, is also a delicious drink with a long history. It goes back to the 6th century China.  In Japan, this matcha tradition continued, eventually the tea ceremony was born. In China, Matcha fell into oblivion.

The benefits of matcha on the thyroid gland

Considered the most powerful tea in the world, its flavor is very special: herbaceous, bitter and with a sweet aftertaste. Among all green teas, the best without doubt.

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  1. I love green tea my God is a miracle tea, if I where u guys start drink tea instead sodas and caffeine,thnks for this video we learn a lots

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