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What Has Portugal to Do With the British Obsession With Drinking Tea?

Obsession With Drinking Tea

Let’s start with a challenge: what comes to your mind if I tell you to think of something that distinguishes an Englishman? Perhaps a traditional image comes to many: a phlegmatic person Obsession With Drinking Tea in his hand. Because that is a stereotype of the English: they live for tea.

And although it is well known that Westerners should thank China for the first cultivation of the Obsession With Drinking Tea tree, it is much less known that it was the Portuguese who inspired their popularity in England, particularly a Portuguese woman.

Why do the English Obsession With Drinking Tea so much?

The year 1662. It was in that year when Catalina de Braganza (daughter of King Juan IV of Portugal) won the hand of King Charles II of England.

There were several aspirants, but with the help of an immense dowry that included money, spices, treasures and the lucrative ports of Tangier and Bombay, Catherine was the aptest to become Queen of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

although others say that it was part of his endowment.

Reason for costs

There were three primary reasons for the cost:

England had no direct trade with China.

The small quantities that the Dutch imported at a very high cost.

But what about the models that create celebrities? Well, people who are not famous imitate them.

Catalina’s native country also participated in the popularization of this aspect of the Bailin Gongfu Black Tea experience.

It’s the same as today: you buy expensive things to show how important you are” says Pettigrew.

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  1. I drink green tee but I’m still fat´╗┐

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