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Ten home remedies to control intestinal gas

Ten home remedies to control intestinal gas

There are a number of habits and natural foods that help avoid uncomfortable flatulence

Are intestinal gases making your life impossible? There are many people who suffer from this ailment, which can be very uncomfortable. Gas or flatulence occurs when too much air accumulates in the stomach. These can be very annoying and painful and can even cause nausea. A bad digestion can form gases, either by eating certain types of food, by combining them poorly or by making hearty meals.

Are you fed up with these uncomfortable stomach gas after every meal? If you are sick of these uncomfortable stomach gas, read the following home remedies to control them and avoid them.

How to Be an Expert in Teas

1. Garlic
It is very useful to improve digestion and control stomach gas. It is important to eat it fresh, either alone or together with other foods.

2. Lemon juice
Thanks to the healing properties of the lemon especially in relation to the digestive tract, taking a lemon juice before and after each meal makes a big difference in the formation of gas, as it helps to reduce its formation. It is best to take it at lunch and dinner.

3. Chamomile tea
Chamomile tea relaxes the stomach and helps improve the digestion process naturally, if we take it before and after eating.

4. Hot water
Another very simple natural remedy is to apply a towel moistened in hot water on the stomach, because it favors its relaxation and the expulsion of gases.

5. Apple and honey vinegar
In a glass of water add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two also of honey, and you have to drink this mixture little by little during lunch or dinner. It helps the elimination of gases because it favors the regulation of stomach acids and facilitates intestinal transit.

6. The infusion of anise
As easy as boiling a cup of water, lower the heat and add a spoonful of aniseed powder, and let it sit for 3 minutes before drinking it. This infusion is good to end the gas and the pain that this can cause. To be more effective this preparation must be taken every day.

7. The root of ginger
You can drink ginger tea, take a spoonful of grated ginger before meals or also add small amounts of dry or fresh foods. All this will help you control and alleviate the gas problem.

8. The seeds of Alcaravea
It is a spice, which can be added to meals, with the ability to stimulate proper digestion avoiding gas and colic.

9. Dandelion tea
It is a medicinal plant with numerous benefits for many health problems, including those related to digestion. Drinking tea before meals avoids the gases, it can also be consumed with meals already prepared as long as it is dry and crushed. Fresh or dried parsley in food is a home remedy that works very well to control the production of gas in the intestine.

10. Activated carbon
Another alternative is to take a charcoal supplement before each meal as it prevents the formation of flatulence by absorbing the air found in the intestines, which is what causes it.

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