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The different quality tea and where to buy them for teabeau

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Tea, different types of tea, its quality tea, the properties for the organism and those places where you can make the best purchase of teas and infusions both online and physically

Tea has become a drink of habitual consumption throughout the world and especially noteworthy is its extension in the West. The content in teína allows that it fulfills a function to confront the challenges of the day today. Now, there are plenty of teas by origin and quality, as well as places where you can buy them.

Tea classes according to their quality tea

There is a vocabulary to distinguish the different kinds of tea according to their quality and sales format. The OP would be the best; It is important to indicate, however, that in recent years the general standards have improved a lot.

There are five tea categories: green, red, white, blue and black. There are also places where you can buy Rooibos tea although, in essence, this is not a tea. The leading producing countries are in Asia and Africa, in that order.

1. Green tea is the most consumed in Japan and China for its antioxidant qualities, derived from its contribution of isoflavones and catechins.

2. Red tea,  is of Chinese origin and is ideal for lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, being one of the most consumed in the West.

3. White tea is not as well known, but it stands out for its antioxidant properties and for delaying cell aging, being rich in catechins. It has a slight oxidation process and is the most difficult to achieve, hence its price is the highest.

4. Blue tea, The flavors remain halfway between sweet and aromatic, maintaining a series of beneficial properties for the organism.

5. Black tea contains, in addition to theine, caffeine, is ideal to start the day concentrated and is taken at breakfast, having a sweet taste.

Where to buy tea?

When looking for where to buy quality tea (for example, green), it is convenient to go to a specialized store with a wide enough offer and where to buy all those Imperial Keemun Black Tea and accessory accessories that are necessary to enjoy the product. The case of Teabeau is paradigmatic because it has all kinds of Tea of all qualities.

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