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tea and infusions: time to give them due recognition in vending?

Tea and infusions time to give them due recognition in vending

With the arrival of winter and thermometers at increasingly lower temperatures, we can also expect an increase in the consumption of hot beverages. But coffee, always a protagonist in vending and OCS, must learn to share its space in the machines with the other infusions.

Tea, for example, is undoubtedly one of the great unknown in the automatic distribution: relegated to the background in the corners, always in soluble format and with very few options for innovation or the incorporation of a greater variety , it does not seem like a product for which the operators are determined to bet.

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So much so, that large suppliers of products for vending, always point to the HoReCa sector within its range of teas, although opening the door and inviting operators to experiment with this type of solutions that are so popular in the cafeterias.

However, not only on the part of the vending industry tea appears eclipsed by the presence of coffee. Already in the Mapama reports, to calculate its consumption, both beverages appear in the same category, making it impossible to estimate the evolution of real consumption.

Deste Teterum, a brand of gourmet tea of ​​sustainable and solidary quality, has carried out its own research to be able to investigate market trends. Thus, as a preliminary assessment, highlights the fact that on the internet have increased exponentially searches for the words “tea” and “buy tea”, with special interest in “green tea”.

Thus, the most striking fact is that only over the last year have detected 200,000 searches with these keywords, that is, twice the previous year, evidencing a clear interest on the part of a consumer who is already looking for information about this product.

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The profile of the target audience

For its part, the distributor of teas and infusions ensures that they have a clientele that is fundamentally a woman and that cares about their health and well-being. “Our client relies on tea as a day-to-day drink to find his moments,” says Patricia Pólvora, CEO of Teterum: “75% of our audience is women. This is also a fact that we see in the purchase of tea from our customers, such as Natura Stores. ”

In addition, in this last year have also seen an increase in the purchase of tea by men by 15%, hence the brand of gourmet infusions is betting on new profiles differentiated with “tea packs” for each profile of target audiences.


The reasons for tea consumption

If we go to the reasons why you choose this type of product, as they have seen from Teterum, 54% of buyers buy tea because “they like the taste” and 44% for a health issue.

82% are “initiation” consumers who are discovering the drink, so Teterum’s approach is to ensure flavored flavor (27% increase according to reports), the quality and the way to preserve the tea in special and easy bags for the storage, in order not to affect the quality.

However, for the moment the most consumed type of tea is green tea, but there is an increase in the purchase of green tea and not so well known buy tea types such as Olong (blue tea) and Pai Mu Than (tea). White).

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