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3 benefits of green tea

benefits of green tea

Benefits of green tea, consumed daily, has many benefits for the body and even reduces the risk of disease!

Tea, after water, is the most consumed drink in the world. In addition to being a good ally during long TV evenings or at the arrival of low temperatures, it is also excellent for health and has many benefits: it stimulates the metabolism and prevents colds, helps the absorption of fats and even energizes the brain!

1 / He maintains a balanced diet
Benefits of green tea is considered to be the beverage with the most potent antioxidant activity. It accelerates the oxidation of fats and regulates weight, lowers the production of glucose in the liver and thus fights against hyperglycemia but above all, according to several studies, it would be an excellent asset to prevent the risk of cancer. Not bad, no?

2 / It stimulates the brain
Benefits of green tea contains caffeine but also L-theanine. Thus, it increases the level of dopamine (happiness hormone) and regulates mood. What do we like? Its activity on our brain can effectively reduce stress!

3 / It sharpens the taste and smell
In addition to being suitable for the body and brain activity, benefits of green tea enriches the culture of taste and educates the palate. There are about 1,500 varieties of Mo Li Piao Xue Jasmine Green Tea around the world, mostly from Taiwan, China, and Japan.

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  1. I hope the flouride it’s mentioning at 2:18 is the good kind found in nature, and not the sodium flouride the evil ones add to our water supply ..

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