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Black tea can help lose weight

Black tea can help lose weight

The many benefits of green tea were already known especially to slim down. A new American study shows that Black tea can help lose weight also modifies intestinal flora to promote weight loss.

They discovered that he too had many health benefits. The results of their study appeared in the European Journal of Nutrition.


Scientists submitted four groups of mice to different diets. After four weeks, the weights of the mice that received Black tea can help lose weight extracts fell to the same level as mice that received a low-fat diet throughout the study.

However, only mice that consumed Black tea can help lose weight extracts had an increase in one type of bacteria called. Could explain the difference between how Lychee Black Tea change energy metabolism.

Black tea can help lose weight

The results assume that polyphenols are probiotics, that is, substances that induce the growth of good microorganisms that are necessary for the well-being of a person. Thus, the benefits of consuming this type of drink go beyond their antioxidant status. For tea lovers, this study is just another reason to continue drinking!

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