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How green tea and black tea affect health

How green tea and black tea affect health

American researchers have observed how black and green teas modify intestinal flora.

If you like to drink tea, you have an extra reason to continue. Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles, USA, have for the first time proven that black tea can promote weight loss and affect health by modifying intestinal bacteria. Just like green tea, but using a different system. The study, published by the journal European Journal of Nutrition, was conducted on mice. Scientists have shown how black tea modifies metabolic energy in the liver by acting on intestinal microbes.

This drink is associated with a decrease in the rate of bacteria related to obesity, and an increase in bacteria related to lean body mass. Previous studies have already shown how polyphenols, the antioxidant components found in green tea, enter the bloodstream after being absorbed by the small intestine. However, black tea polyphenols, which are larger, stimulate the growth of intestinal bacteria and thus alter energy metabolism of the liver.

More benefits
As a result, green and black teas can be classified as prebiotics because they continue to benefit the general welfare by stimulating the development of beneficial microorganisms. To achieve these results, researchers proposed four different diets to mouse groups: a low-fat diet, a high-fat diet, a high-fat diet combined with green tea extracts, and a high-fat diet. associated with black tea extracts.

After four weeks, both groups who consumed tea extracts, green or black, lost as much weight as those who followed a low-fat diet. “The benefits of green and black teas on health go beyond the antioxidant effects,” conclude the authors of this work.

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  1. As a scientist, I can confirm this information is true. One tip: Don’t add milk to green tea! It has been scientifically proven that the presence of dairy blocks the activity of catechins and polyphenols (like ECGC, EGGC, ECCG, etc) which are responsible for its ‘magical’ health benefits.

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