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Green tea and its benefits

Green tea and its benefits

Rich in antioxidants and astringent agents, green tea and its benefits is an undeniable beauty ally. Powerful detoxifying or natural anti-aging, it multiplies the beneficial virtues for the skin. Puretrend gives you four ways to make it a partner of your beauty routine.

1- To wash your face
The antioxidant virtues of green tea are famous, whether it is consumed as an infusion or used on the epidermis. To make a tea-based emulsion, dip a sachet in cold water. Let infuse for a few minutes then use this water to rinse your face. Your skin will be purified, clean and smooth. A gesture to adopt in the morning before attacking your beauty routine or in the evening before going to bed.

Another option: once your tea is brewed and drunk, let cool the bag that has served you and applied it all over the face. The effect will be the same for the epidermis.

2- To fight against acne
An excellent natural detoxifier and antibacterial, green tea will also be ideal for fighting acne. You can mix a little infusion cooled with your usual lotion for the face or opt for an anti-acne product that contains.

3- A mask with tea
To clean your skin thoroughly, you can make a green tea mask. To do this, you have to combine the Green tea and its benefits of honey and tea by mixing the contents of a sachet with one to two tablespoons of honey. Mix until you get a paste that you can apply on your face and leave for about ten minutes.

4- As anti-aging care
Green tea also helps prevent premature aging of the skin. By incorporating it into your usual beauty products or concocting tea-based recipes, it slows skin aging, loss of elasticity and brown spots.

5- To protect your skin
Loaded with vitamin C, green tea protects your skin, especially UV particularly harmful to the surface. To cure a sunburn, you can make a homemade concoction with natural yogurt and the contents of a Organic Gunpowder Green Tea (Zhu Cha) bag. A mixture that you apply on redness to soothe the skin.

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