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2018 Lose Weight tips Drink green tea and sleep well

Drink green tea and sleep well

Many people will start 2018 with a purpose in the mete. Lose Weight tips Drink green tea and sleep well, so you can achieve this problematic goal for everyone.

Eat raw fruits and vegetables

Also, the energy that the body acquires through fruits and vegetables is higher than with other foods, and this helps to end the desire to eat, that is, with these foods you relieve hunger and burn fat.

keep on moving

According to research done by the University of Missouri being inactive for four hours or more, the speed of metabolism decreases considerably. Means that the storage of fat increases, so we recommend moving for 10 minutes every four hours, or five every two to combat this.

Do cardio work at the end of your exercise routine

Sleep well

But if you sleep less than six and more than eight, this can affect you.

Drink green tea

Drinking three to five cups of green tea a day will help burn between 35% and 43% more fat. If you do not have time to prepare your Dragon Well Green Tea (Long Jing), then you can take a green tea diet pill.

Chew your food for longer

A defect that our body has does not know that you have eaten enough after a while, this is something that we inherited from a long time ago, chew 12 to 15 times the bite to give the body time to feel satiated.

Eat with children’s cutlery

No kidding, if you use smaller plates and cutlery you will limit your meals or the size of the portion, the small cutlery will take you to smaller bites and you will eat slower, so you will be able to realize when you are satisfied and with fewer calories ingested.

Eat more Fiber

The effect of fiber in the body is not only digestive, but it helps you to feel full faster.

Avoid soft drinks

There is not much to say; sodas are ideal drinks to gain Lose Weight tips Drink green tea and sleep well, so better to drink water, that having no calories can help you lose up to half a kilo each week.

Keep a Record

was because those who made the registration could calculate their portions better, so they ate the right amount.

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