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best tasting tea in the world

best tasting tea in the world

Do you want to know what best tasting tea in the world? Do you want to discover it through the word of a specialist like TeaBeau? Well then do not miss this note for the world.

best tasting tea in the world course: TeaBeau tells you everything about it.

Surely you have heard about tea tasting and wanted to know much more about it. Would you like to be a tea sommelier? Do you want to learn to taste and identify the steps that in a tasting?

Victoria will tell you in this note what is wanted in a tasting and also how they work this process, both in the institution and in the courses they dictate. Safety pin!

-First and foremost, to put in the subject who does not have much idea about it, what is a tea tasting?

above all It is a sensory experience performed by people trained in the tasting process and visual sciences.

– What is the tea tasting course that The Tea Club will dictate?

We use cutting-edge techniques of perfumers to train the senses, mainly the smell. We go through the history of tasting and perfume and delve into sensory analysis and neurosciences, stimulating the senses to discover tea in a detailed and professional way. The course has a theoretical part and a lot of practice. It is a unique experience for the student.

-They use techniques that make this course something unique in the world. Tell us a little more about it.

Tasting and sommelier course with Teabeau

-In the tea taster course of The Tea Club, we use new techniques from perfumers and a neuroscience scientific basis for the study of tea.

above all Do you work on all varieties of Chun Mei Green Tea (Zhen Mei)? Anything else you want to add about the course?

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