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What is gourmet tea where to buy it

What is a gourmet tea and where to buy it

Do you like to drink tea? It is perfect that you do it for its properties, but also for its flavor, aroma and general quality. Would you want to discover the universe of What is gourmet tea where to buy it? You are one step away from doing it. This basic tour will help you to start.

The best gourmet tea
Surely you’ve ever heard of gourmet tea. And what would this be? You also asked yourself. Although it is a label as it can be so many when talking about gourmet tea we talk about a premium tea, which has in excellent conditions, which usually generates a product of superior quality: good aroma, right infusion color, good taste.

It usually comes in strands, although there are also varieties that sell them in bags for practical reasons (in strands it is always better, of course). It can be the strict variety as well as some particular blend. And to be gourmet, or presented as such, does not necessarily have to be good. There may also be marketing behind. For that reason, from here, we advise the following: try many.

Premium tea brands
We do not know if they are precisely the best ones, but they do offer products of excellent quality, they worldwide, and they are the ones with the highest sales in these segments. These are some gourmet tea brands that you can consider.

It is one of the most famous brands throughout the world. Its distribution is extensive. He is of British origin and has been leading the market for years. Usually, their raw materials come from India or Sri Lanka. The earl gray of this brand is one of the most classic that exists. And it’s delicious. But in general, all its varieties are an excellent gateway to gourmet tea.


It is one of the most thriving gourmet tea companies that exist. They boast of searching all over the world for the best teas, to offer products of all kinds: from a chai latte to an organic black tea. They are currently in charge of providing premium tea to Starbucks chains and by selling strands.

The Republic of Tea
Located in the United States, this company began in 1992 to make tea. They usually focus on the sale of organic Teas and blends of all kinds, with a strong emphasis on fruits, flowers, and herbs. Ideal to get something different and of excellent quality.


Is a group of tea lovers and aficionados from China, USA, and the UK, who all share a passion for drinking great tea and appreciate the healthy lifestyle it brings. With all of us living in China, we frequently travel through the country visiting China’s tea plantations so we can track down only genuinely exceptional teas. As a result, we can bring to you – and us – the absolute highest quality Chinese teas that are, wherever possible, 100% organically grown and produced.

Where to buy you, gourmet

  • You already know some brands that, of course, are not the only ones. You can find many, and the best is to try. Is what will make your palate grow, to be able to adjust flavors, aromas and thus see which ones you like. Do you want to know where you can buy some good What is gourmet tea where to buy it? That is not complicated at all.
  • Delicatessen stores. In the big cities – and those that are not so big, too – there is always a place where they sell gourmet drinks and gourmet gifts in general. It is very likely that between the jars of Spanish paprika and the bottles of extra virgin olive oil, you have aside from some good brands of tea available.
  • Online tea shops. Today there are many, and with a simple google, you will run into many stores (in your area and other countries), which have a variety of gourmet teas that will reach the door of your home. Is perfect if you do not have physical stores with good products in your area.
  • Tea houses If there are houses, salons or specific tea shops in your area, it is the best there is. They are people who understand the subject and who can recommend you about the varieties of gourmet tea, always according to your taste or what you are looking.
  • Some supermarkets Those who specialize in organic products or who bring teas from different parts of the world will help you find excellent products. Also, the supermarkets and Asian stores usually have good Chinese or Japanese tea in strands, of good quality, and at a better price.

Varieties of gourmet tea with which you can start

Beyond the blends that you can get to try, those that combine a variety of tea with fruits, herbs or flowers, do not stop working with the pure and hard types of tea. These are real delights that, when they are premium, reveal unusual flavors and aromas.

The best in exotic teas and other infusions

A good red tea. Red tea is high to start feeling different notes in a Tea. Try to get one of good quality, gourmet, Chinese origin. There you will notice a reddish infusion, with aromas of nuts and healthy fruits and a pleasantly earthy flavor. It is ideal for varying black tea.
A delicate white tea. (Mo Li Yin Zhen) Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea stands out for its delicacy, its soft amber color, a soft infusion, but with fruity nuances. It is perfect to drink in special moments. or not so much. But try to get some right strands, like for

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