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How to know which is the best green tea

How to know which is the best green tea

Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world after water. The green tea variety is the one that has become popular, but it is necessary to be careful when choosing which one to buy. In this article you will see three aspects to take into account when buying …
What are green tees
Of all the varieties of tea from Camellia sinensis, undoubtedly, green tea is the most popular. It is very appreciated for its mild flavor and refreshing flavor but also for its innumerable medicinal properties.

Green teas are made from tender leaves and buds. In general, those presented in bags are stronger in flavor since they have a lot of astringency. What gives them a bitter taste and similar to the grass. In contrast, green tea in bulk, offers a range very rich in flavors.

Matcha green tea It is green tea powder and nowadays it has become one of the most consumed varieties. According to tea experts, the success of matcha green tea comes hand in hand with the fact that, being tea leaf powder, it concentrates the flavor and properties of green tea to a greater extent.
Green tea guricha. It is one of the best varieties of green tea from Japan. The main characteristic of guricha green tea is that it has a pleasant sweet taste, somewhat fruity, which is related to its production method: steam. Apparently, this is also of great benefit to keep the properties of green tea intact.
Green tea biluochun. It is one of the most consumed teas in China. It is an infusion with a floral flavor and aroma, with fruit fruity touches, which give it a great freshness.

Konacha green tea It is a very popular variety in Japan, because it is a very economical tea, since it comes from discards, it is a second choice product. The taste of green tea konacha is strong, therefore at the time of preparation do not let more than 3 minutes infuse.
Green tea kukicha. It is a variety of Japanese green tea, obtained from leftovers and branches of the Camellia Sinensis. Kukicha green tea is very tasty, with a flavor similar to rooibos tea, since it has almost no teĆ­na, so you can drink it at any time of the day.

Bancha green tea. The taste of green tea bancha is strong as well as its content in teine, so I recommend you drink it preferably in the mornings or after noon.

Keys to choose the best green tea
What is the best green tea? It is likely with so much supply that exists today in the market, sometimes it is difficult for you to choose which green tea to buy, right? To give you help on how to choose the best tea in the world, when buying green tea you should consider the following aspects.

What is the best green tea on the market

Country of origin of green tea
Which is the best?

However, in a study published in the “Journal of Toxicology” during 2013, most of the green teas analyzed contained at least a certain amount of heavy metals, such as lead, arsenic, cadmium and aluminum.

Organic green teas tended to contain higher amounts of heavy metals than regular green tea, but lower levels of arsenic.

Organic green tea or commercial green tea
To limit the intake of pesticide residues, organic teas are often chosen. A tea to be labeled as organic, must have been grown away from the use of pesticides.

Green tea with caffeine or without caffeine
With caffeine or without caffeine ?. All varieties of Camelia sinensis have caffeine in their constitution. Just keep in mind that to get to a decaffeinated version, green tea will lower the amount of antioxidants.

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