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What is the best tea to lose weight?

tea to lose weight

Black tea, red tea or green tea? Know what weight loss tea is more effective, what are its weight loss properties, how to take it and in what recipes you can use it.

What is the variety of slimming tea that gives better results? That is a question that everyone who wants to consume tea to lose weight is usually done.

You should know that all varieties have some properties related to weight loss. None is better than another, what happens is that some have certain properties that others do not.

For that reason, so you know what weight loss tea you should choose according to your goal or need for weight loss, it is important to establish a comparison between the main varieties. There is no right or wrong choice, any of these teas will help you lose weight.

Varieties of tea for weight loss
While there are many types of tea that come from the Camelia Sinensis plant, not all have slimming benefits. Each tea to lose weight is not different from the other just because of its color, its flavor and its aroma, but also for its characteristic properties.

Red tea
Undoubtedly, the most used variety in the range of tea to lose weight is red tea. The pu-erh, as it is known, is used because of its metabolic acceleration capacity and its ability to burn fat. These are its main properties:

If you want to lose weight without taking risks with the contraindications of red tea, rooibos is a good alternative. This tea without theine is not strictly a tea, since it does not come from the plant Camellia Sinensis, but from a bush of similar characteristics to the red tea, that is inside the infusions that favor the thinning.

Green tea is also very popular among those who have weight loss properties.

Slimming tea: choose between red tea, green tea and white tea

Know the main properties of this tea to lose weight.

However, the reality is that its benefits are by no means inferior to those of red tea or green tea. Know its characteristics

It is satiating: this is because drinking green tea helps you to calm hunger and thus avoid overeating.

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