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tea benefits, with milk menguan

tea benefits with milk menguan

Do you want to know if it’s good to drink tea with milk? If you still do not know, read this article that will inform you about the subject …

If you are a fervent admirer of the world of tea, surely one of the many doubts you will have about this drink is if its properties and benefits can decrease if you add milk.

According to a study by cardiologists at the Charité Hospital in Berlin in Germany, milk makes the protective effect of tea on the cardiovascular system disappear by the action of the caseins it contains to a large extent.

In addition, Stangl points out that in the Asian continent, area of ​​great consumption of tea, there are fewer heart diseases than, for example, in England. How about?

The sample was based on 16 healthy women who had gone through menopause. All of them ingested half a liter of black tea with a slight percentage of milk without cream or simply boiled water instead of the infusion, on three different occasions and under the same conditions.

Results of the study

A study indicates that the benefits of tea are lost when combined with milk

The experts delved into the caseins and discovered that three of them caused this inhibitory effect.


If you want to drink tea for the sole pleasure of doing it, do not be afraid to add milk and enjoy an exquisite drink. On the other hand, if you want to drink it to benefit from its great and multiple medicinal properties, better to drink it pure.

Maybe you can start a routine in your daily life to drink it for example in the morning or afternoon with milk and the other times pure. Do not you think it’s a good solution?

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