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Tea to reduce stress


Recently, a new benefit of tea was discovered: it can help fight the stresses of daily life and reduce stress. Learn how it can help you and how much you should take daily …

In case you did not know, every time you drink a cup of tea you are giving your body a wide variety of natural compounds that are responsible for the medicinal properties of this drink.

Among the healing benefits that stand out, is the relaxing and calming power that it possesses and that is of great help to fight against stress.

At least, this is confirmed by recent scientific research.

Taking tea regularly can help speed up recovery from stress, according to a study conducted by several British researchers at the University College London (UCL).


The study focused on a group of people who drank tea four times a day for six consecutive weeks. This group had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol than a control group that took a placebo.

The first group said they felt more relaxed after performing tasks designed to raise their stress levels.

Do you want to know about a curious and particular fact of this investigation?

Curious fact

The real importance of the study is that neither the participants nor the researchers knew who was taking the real tea and who was the placebo.

Results obtained

The researchers found that levels of stress, blood pressure and heart rate increased in a similar manner in the two work groups.

But, the surprise came 50 minutes after homework, when they found that cortisol levels had dropped an average of 47 percent among tea drinkers, compared with 27 percent in the group that consumed the placebo.

Andrew Steptoe, of the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health of the UCL and one of the authors pointed out that the results could have important consequences for health.

According to his words “tea would have a greater effect in the recovery of the levels of the stress hormone to normal parameters”.

A study reveals that drinking tea helps fight stress


It is still unclear for sure what component present in tea is responsible for the help it can provide to counteract stress.

Now you have one more reason to drink this curative and tasty, do not you think?

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