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Can two types of tea be mixed?

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One of the usual questions, within tea consumers, is whether they can mix two or more different types of teas in the same infusion. Either by taste or by combination of properties, many are interested in doing this. And the truth is that there is no problem in doing so.

If you are a lover of the world of tea, surely you have already tried all or the vast majority of varieties of tea and many mixtures derived from them.

Many want to start experimenting with new flavors and sensations. But they also fear that their properties will be lost. What do you think?

The mixture of teas does not cause the loss of its properties
In general, tea is usually drunk pure or in blends that arise from the idea of ​​mixing some variety of Camellia sinensis with other herbs, fruits, flowers or seeds.

But, every great habitual consumer of any type of tea, at some point, asks the following question: Can I mix several types of tea or infusions in the same cup?

The truth is that the most traditional types of teas are not affected at all, by the fact of being mixed, either with each other, as with other types of teas that are not teas (although they are called that, since they do not come from of the Camellia Sinensis).

Therefore, you can play freely to experience flavors, as they will not lose their properties. On the contrary, in many cases, they are strengthened.

Ideas of delicious blends and with multiple benefits
For example, the softness and purely herbal character of green tea can go wonderfully with a little mint, forming the traditional Moorish tea.

Mix two types of tea without losing properties

Tea mixtures

But, undoubtedly, the tea variety that is most used and used when mixing tea, is black tea. A classic breakfast: tea English breakfast.

This tea is composed of black Ceylon tea, peel and bergamot oil.

Another exquisite mixture is the following: red tea, rooibos tea, lemon peel and cinnamon. Simply a delight for the senses. You have to try it!

Being herbs, water and shades much more combinable, everything is left to your intuition and experimental nature. You just have to try. Do not you think it’s a good idea?

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