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Tea and infusions, in moderation

Tea and infusions

Tea and infusions have become very popular drinks in the world, due to their properties. You could almost say that for each disease there is a tisane or tea indicated. But, although they are natural, they must be drunk in moderation. Find out why …

If you are a lover of the world of tea and tisanes or herbal infusions, you will already have a clear definition of your favorite drinks.

Sometimes you may tend to give more importance to the flavor and in others to the medicinal properties. I’m right?

Teas from the Camellia Sinensis and herbal infusions are very popular drinks thanks, in part, to their healing properties for the body.

Nature is so lavish that it seems to have thought of providing natural solutions to the vast range of conditions that human beings can suffer. Do you agree?

Some infusions have antioxidant properties that strengthen the immune system and neutralize the activity of free radicals, which cause the oxidation of cells.

One of the main causes of many diseases.

However, you should not abuse their use and should always be taken with moderation, since some of them also have stimulating and exciting properties.

Remember that they are complementary drinks and never water substitutes.


We must be more careful in the indiscriminate consumption of slimming teas, since, in general, they can produce diarrhea.

The use of tea and infusions

When a consumption is excessive

When you drink more than five cups a day of a drink even if it is a plant. Since these often contain substances that can be harmful to health in high doses.

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