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Tea more chocolate: a drink for gourmets

Tea more chocolate a drink for gourmets

Both tea and chocolate are foods that are present in most homes. Especially chocolate delights with its unique flavor both boys and adults. Have you ever thought that you could come together to make a drink? Find out what it is about in this article.

Have you ever thought about mixing tea with chocolate? The truth is that these two foods separately enjoy great acceptance among people.

Uniting them would be a great idea that has already been put in place. Of course, it is quite common to drink cookies or chocolate cake when drinking tea.

But, what is not so common is to mix them to form the same drink. Do not you think?

Let’s see the reasons that there would be to do it …

Chocolate has exerted a captivating power in the palates of human beings around the world for centuries.

Formerly it was in the form of raw cocoa in the Amazon, and from decades back to the present, dazzles in all its presentations: from chocolate bars, desserts, ice cream, etc.

Its scientific name is Theobroma cacao, which has been translated as “food of the gods”.

The qualities that make chocolate can accompany so many culinary recipes, is due to its rich flavor, which has great depth and character.

Why do you like chocolate?
Almost everyone loves the taste of chocolate, some say it is related to the warmth of home, comfort or protection that is generally enjoyed in childhood.

On the other hand, its nutritional qualities and its energizing benefit are indisputable. In addition, dark chocolate is known for its antioxidant properties and its great ability to produce satiety.

It does not hurt to say that there are scientific studies that claim that chocolate has the capacity to alleviate the feeling of sadness.

Why it’s good to mix chocolate with tea
Both chocolate and tea have flavors that are very accepted by people and that in turn after numerous tests has been established that can be amalgamated successfully.

In addition, there is also a good relationship between their medicinal properties, since both have a stimulating effect on the nervous system and are of great help when suffering from anxiety, sadness, melancholy or depression.

For these reasons, the Numi tea brand has launched different teas flavored with chocolate on the market.

Spokespeople of the brand explained that the goal in the creation of any mix is ​​to achieve a balance between the flavors and create subtle nuances among all the ingredients that make up the tea.

At the beginning, they made a mixture of puerh with bitter chocolate. It made sense to mix these flavors because they both had depth and richness.

But, when tasting it they realized that it still needed a little more complexity, therefore, vanilla and rooibos were added to give it a little sweetness.

In addition, a touch of cinnamon and nutmeg was added.

All this, combined with orange peel rind. Do not you want to try it?

Other mixtures of infusions that also look good
A strong black tea mixed with chocolate softened by cream and vanilla.
Lemon herbal tea with a bitter chocolate.
During the year 2014, Numi has created a whole line of teas with chocolate:

Rooibos with chocolate and touches of vanilla
Chocolate mint tea with orange peel.
Earl Gray, chocolate and vanilla.
Chai tea with chocolate.
You can enjoy these teas at any time of the day, either as a different alternative to start well up in the morning, drink them after meals or in the afternoon as a snack.

Symphony of flavors

How to prepare your own chocolate tea
Of course you can also prepare your own tea at home, for this you will need:

The tea that you like, preferably black.
Cocoa grated, cocoa powder or in bars.
Place the tea in strands or bags in a teapot, pour hot water on it and let it rest for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile, heat the milk with cocoa over a low heat. Stir so that the cocoa does not stick in the bottom until it dissolves.
If you want a more concentrated flavor, you can add syrup or chocolate essence.
Finally, mix the tea with chocolate milk.

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