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Drinking tea helps balance the five senses

drinking tea

If any other good property lacked tea is to serve to generate a total harmony on the organism, balancing the five senses. The Chinese use it millennially for those purposes. And they don’t go wrong.

Within the traditional culture of China, tea is seen as a link to spirituality, to the transcendence of the soul. This is why tea is typecast within what the Chinese call the doctrine of the medium.

Tea, having a moderate flavor, falls within that doctrine. and tea balances all flavors. Maybe that’s why it’s some kind of antidote to a lot of toxic substances.

All the flavors are in it, the sour, the sweet, the bitter, the salty and the piquant. All these points also coincide with the five elements corresponding to the doctrine of the medium.

The nature of tea is evident in the doctrine of the medium. Many people accustomed to dieting with strong flavors, find in the fact of drinking tea a good way to relieve your stomach and taste buds.

The tea stimulates the five senses and the five groups of flavors. It also helps cleanse and detoxify the body.

Drinking tea brings benefits to the health of the body in general. Chinese medicine possesses a concept of integral health, which encompasses the body, mind, and spirit.

They claim that if the spirit or emotions are wrong they can affect physical health, causing illnesses. The balance between all the parties leads to health, tea is a spirit drink that helps in the healing of conditions of various kinds.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine can provide these health benefits:

Acts on the head and eyes: eliminates headache, and eye irritation. It’s a big help for visual disorders.
It helps to combat drowsiness and mental confusion. Activates memory and increases mental acuity.
It is very good moisturizing agent and helps to eliminate the fever due to heat blows during the summer.
It has great digestive power: It eliminates nausea, decreases appetite loss and abdominal inflammation.
Alleviates the side effects of excessive alcohol consumption: Removes the heaviness sensation of the head and its pain.

Tea for the balance of body and soul

Promotes diuresis: It is very helpful when there is difficulty urinating. In general, this condition is due to excess moisture and heat in the bladder.

Do you need any more reason why you drink tea?

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