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cancer fighting tea

cancer fighting tea

The medicinal properties of Camellia Sinensis to the different varieties of tea that from their leaves. White tea is the least processed of teas, will it be the one with the most properties?

Green tea is the most famous of all teas and owes its popularity to its many healing benefits that can provide health.

What about cancer fighting tea? Which tea is more effective?

The researchers theorized about the potential role that tea can play in cancer treatments.

Dashwood, a biochemist of the Linus Pauling Institute.

This doctor says “Our theory was that white tea could have higher levels of polyphenols than green tea or equivalents and therefore be more beneficial.”

The chemical analysis confirmed his theory. White tea contains the same type of polyphenols as green tea but in different proportions.

They made four varieties of white tea and subjected them to each, to a laboratory test using bacteria.

Both are good, but there is a better one
What conclusions did they reach?

White tea inhibits DNA mutations, more efficiently than green tea.

If you need help for cancer fighting tea treatment, you know, Dragon Ball Chrysanthemum White Tea can be a great ally. Although green tea, to a lesser extent, can also give you a hand.

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