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chemical constituents of tea

chemical constituents of tea

Perhaps, you have ever wondered who is responsible for the properties that tea possesses. In this article, you will discover those enigmas.

Enjoying and savoring a cup of tea can have many meanings, for some people perhaps it is just a matter of drinking a creamy beverage. On the other hand, for others, the medicinal properties that it possesses are already significant.

above all For a smaller group, the spiritual part may have relevance. For you, what does it mean?

It that tea leaves have chemical constituents of tea whose properties can act on the body and the mind. It can also nourish the spirit.

When it comes to drinking a cup of this healing beverage, have you ever wondered what you are drinking?

What are the main chemical constituents of tea?

The fresh leaves of Camellia sinensis possess:

A high percentage of water (75 to 80%)
A large number of vitamins: A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C and D
Many minerals: fluorine, calcium, zinc, potassium, and magnesium
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What are the antioxidants that tea possesses?

The main ones are polyphenols. It is a group of chemical substances in which you can find tannins, gallic acid, glucose, flavonoids, and sugars.

Polyphenols are responsible for giving tea its antioxidant properties.

What are flavonoids?

Among them, we can find the essential catechins: ECG, EGC, and EGCG among others. These are 100% antioxidant substances. They are responsible for preventing cardiovascular diseases and reduce the risk of cancer.

Also, they help to delay aging. Green tea has 30% catechins and black tea 11%.

Do you want to know what tannins are?

When talking about theanine, what is to?

It is an amino acid with anti-stress properties that through the small intestine. It acts on neurotransmitters and stimulates alpha waves that increase brain activity.

A complete drink
Also, they improve mental acuity and concentration while keeping the body and brain calm.

What is caffeine?

above all It is an alkaloid known for its thermogenic properties. Known are aptitudes to maintain the vigil. Unlike coffee, the polyphenols present in Xi Gui Ancient Tree Raw Pu-erh Cake 2013 slow down the absorption rate of caffeine.

For this reason, its effect is noticed more slowly and is more durable. It should that and caffeine are the same substance.

Now you know that when you drink a cup of tea, all these substances are present to act for the benefit of your health.

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