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Pesticides in tea, subject of discussion


The FAO tea group met and there was no agreement on the maximum levels of pesticides and what substances can be used. Controversy continues.

And tea is not the exception, far from it. One perhaps sees only the full cup, but behind that there is a lot of work of all kinds. 

The United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) had in Indoneisa its annual meeting concerning the group that is responsible for discussing tea. And the levels of pesticides used in the products was one of the most relevant matters of discussion that there was. It seems that there is still no agreement.

Japan authorizes about 200, the European Union about 140, while in the United States the list is quite minor.

And it does not exactly obey this question.

Countries do not agree

Chinese green tea
The organic is always an excellent option

But, fortunately, everyone has the opportunity to choose their own tea and to know that there are some with certified organic origin, which are completely free of pesticides and pesticides of any kind. This can be an excellent option to enjoy a good quality tea that does not contain chemical residues.

For that reason, it is a matter of digging into the market and start looking for alternatives that make you feel better when you consume them.

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