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Tea for sunburn on the skin

cold tea

The benefits of tea consumption are widely known. However, its medicinal properties are less widespread for topical use, especially on the sensitive skin and in particular, when summer arrives and expose your skin to sunburn.

Summer is here and what we most want is to go to beaches and pools to freshen up and get a nice tan. It is very important that we bring adequate sun protection to our skin and that we do not abuse exposure to the sun.

Although we take these precautions it is easy that, especially the whitest skins, end up with the occasional burn.

There are different ways to relieve a mild burn. For example, aloe vera oil is a good alternative, but we do not always have it at hand. A home remedy, natural and very helpful can be cold tea. A little water moistened with cold tea, applied on the burned area will relieve pain and help to heal skin irritation before.

The sooner we start to apply it, the more effective it will be and we can repeat the process several times throughout the day.

Another very effective alternative is to use black tea bags to get rid of the annoying burns. This home remedy is very practical and efficient if you forget to apply the necessary protection to face the intense rays of the sun.

You will need a bathtub, a jug, water, a rag, and three bags of black tea. Fill the jar with warm water and soak the tea bags in it until the water turns black.

After stripping and exposing the affected area, soak the rag in the water and apply it on the skin without rubbing, giving small and soft taps.

It is advisable to do this treatment as soon as possible, or before going to bed so that your body can recover and heal itself more effectively.

The combination of cold water and tea components (such as tannins) help soothe and predispose skin recovery with greater speed.

Cold tea to relieve burns

Did you know this trick?

While in general, most people like to have a nice tan color in the hot months, it is necessary to take extreme care for the skin. The sun’s rays can cause serious diseases such as skin cancer or increase skin aging,

You must be very careful @ especially with the skin of the face but you want it to be stained and full of premature wrinkles. You always have to go out to the street protected with sunscreen and of course help yourself with home remedies like those offered by tea.

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