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Drinking tea can reduce the risks of non-cardiac death

Drinking tea can reduce the risks of non-cardiac death

If you are a habitual tea drinker, this news can be very good for you. Is that a recently presented study, indicated that those who take this infusion, have a risk of non-cardiovascular death less than 25 percent with respect to those who drink coffee normally.

Are you a habitual tea drinker? Then there is good news for you. Why? Because a recent study in France ensures that those who drink tea normally, instead of coffee, tend to show up to 25 percent less risk of dying from non-heart problems.

This research, presented recently at the Congress of the European Society of Cardiology, held in Barcelona, ​​offered interesting results regarding the comparison between coffee and tea drinkers. It was made among more than 130 thousand people (between 18 and 95 years old) and all of them were consulted if they drank any of these infusions and in what quantities they did it.

After the study time elapsed (between 2001 and 2008), the results were remarkable. Why? Because in general lines showed that those who drank tea showed many more healthy signs, in general. Tea drinkers were not only favored with a mortality rate 25% lower than coffee consumers. They also exhibited other favorable issues in this study.

And that’s where you have to take into account a no less revealing fact: those people who consumed tea instead of coffee, had much healthier habits in general. They were more active physically, they did not smoke as much and, in general, they had good behaviors with a health-prone lifestyle.

A study would encourage this theory

Professor Nicolas Danchin, one of those responsible for the work, said that “the trend towards greater mortality among coffee drinkers can be explained by the number of smokers inside that group”, something that could discourage the hypothesis that Tea was the cause of healing.

But, in any case, since it is an exhaustive, long-lasting display with a truly remarkable body of work, it seems to have reached another interesting addition to the properties of tea. To accompany him with healthy habits!

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