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Green tea, an ally to remove odors

Green tea, an ally to remove odors

Did you know that it can help you with some household issues?
Tea, in addition to its many properties, can go great to remove some odors and cleaning problems that you have in your home. How? Read this note and learn how you can achieve it.

Green tea can be used as a cleaning element in your home, but also as a deodorizer. Did you know? Among the numerous properties that this plant has is that of being a great absorbent of bad aromas. Well you just have to trust these tricks and you will see that it is something completely possible to achieve in your house at any time. Do not miss it!

Some tricks to use green tea against bad smell:

Ideal for your hands after cooking: Have you been cooking with garlic or onion and you do not get the bad smell from your hands? Wash them with a little green tea and you will see how the bad aroma begins to be eradicated quickly from you using this great infusion. Your astringent abilities will achieve it.
Put green tea leaves to absorb the bad smell in your garbage cans: Some people usually put baking soda in their trash cans to absorb the long-lasting bad smell. But you can replace that by using green tea leaves.
Deodorize your carpets: Do your carpets smell bad or do they look like they should? Try placing some dried ground leaves in it. Leave them some minutes and then vacuum them or bar them. You will see how it looks better after this treatment.
Try it as anti-perspirant for your armpits: If you want, you can even use green tea as an astringent for your armpits. Just rub a little on them then bathe.

If you do not know what to do with those green tea leaves you have used, let them dry and use them for this purpose. Or deposit them in your compost pile! There are always ways to reuse something natural. 🙂

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