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Tea may relieve skin damage after radiotherapy

Tea may relieve skin damage after radiotherapy

Tea extracts may help reduce skin damage caused by radiation therapy against cancer, according to a study by US and German researchers.

Radiation therapy is a very invasive treatment that is given to approximately 60% of all cancer patients. One of its contraindications in the high probability that it has to inflict significant damage on healthy tissues.  For this reason, we are continuously looking for treatments that reduce the negative effects of radiotherapy.

The tea extracts act by inhibiting the inflammation pathways of the skin, to reduce it, according to these researchers.

They were also able to demonstrate that green tea extract seems to have greater anti-inflammatory properties than black tea.

The researchers say that the large amount of tea polyphenols may be responsible for this anti-inflammatory activity. Did you think the properties of green tea were over? No, keep reading and you will find out about new contributions that have emerged in this regard.

It was the development of a comprehensive treatment plan to minimize the effects produced by radiation.

Green tea, already known for its numerous medicinal properties, adds in this way one more benefit to its long list: to be a great palliative when it comes to reducing the side effects of radiotherapy. You can also consume green tea in strands, drinking 3 to 4 cups a day.

Another benefit of this curative drink

If you are undergoing radiotherapy treatment for cancer, consult your oncologist before taking any type of herbal supplement, including green tea.

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