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Tea stimulates the formation of bones

Tea stimulates the formation of bones

How does tea affect the bones?
According to a study conducted in Taiwan, tea, consumed assiduously for several years, has the ability to increase bone density in both women and men. Apparently, this comes from the high presence of fluoride in tea, as well as flavonoids and other substances present in the drink.

In addition to all the properties that are usually given to tea, now they will have to add one more: it is good for the bones. If this quasi-miraculous drink was really missing, it was this, and researchers at the National University of Cheng Kung in Taiwan undertook to prove it.

“The protective effect of tea on the mineral density of the bones of the spine and the region of the hips was clearly demonstrated,” said one of those responsible for the study. In turn, this tea property would be directly linked to the high presence of fluoride in the beverage.

This investigation was carried out taking as corpus of examination 497 male and 540 female. All participants answered questions about their life habits, including the amount of tea they drank daily. The results were revealing: the habit of drinking tea was the determining factor for the benefit of the bones and the most pronounced effect was seen in those who have consumed it regularly for more than a decade.

Another study that adds to affirm that tea has properties that can benefit bone formation, is that carried out by Dr. Li Shen, professor at the University of Texas. For this new research they voluntarily recruited postmenopausal women with low bone mass, which were divided into 2 groups and subjected for 6 months to drinking green tea in different amounts. The results were overwhelming: the patients who consumed green tea daily favored bone formation at an early stage.

How much tea should you consume to see the benefits in bone health?

Dr. Li Shen, a specialist in nutrition, says that it is advisable to drink 500 milligrams of polyphenols per day, which is equivalent to consuming 4 to 6 tea bags. You can also get the recommended amount of green tea polyphenols through supplements of tablets or capsules.

An important aspect to keep in mind and that coincides with the conclusion of the aforementioned study, is that to achieve the optimal benefits, it should be a regular habit to consume green tea.

Does the ability of green tea to improve bone health differ with the age of the consumer?

By way of prevention you can start drinking it more often in the pre-menopausal stage, since from that stage you start to lose bone mass.

It is necessary to perform more medical studies to measure the level of bone protection by green tea, but they should be long-term studies to evaluate the improvement over time.

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