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What risk do pesticides pose for tea?

What risk do pesticides pose for tea

Tea could have a lot more pesticides than what you think
Although tea is something natural and very healthy, it can have some unclear issues, such as the extensive use of pesticide that occurs in some major brands. Does this affect tea? What alternatives are there? Do not miss this note to know more about this topic.

Tea is an element that is associated with naturalness, with its medicinal properties and with a spiritual aura. Something quite far from the amount of pesticides that usually present some of the varieties that are marketed today.

Are there many brands that use pesticides? What happens to this once the tea is prepared? What are the alternatives? Read the rest of the note and you will know it.

What about pesticides in tea?

According to research carried out on its own by CBC’s Canadian multimedia, several of the most important tea companies that market these products in that country (and also in much of the world), use pesticides above the limit of what is allowed. And it is believed that in China the situation is even worse, in some cases.

Although the fear of pesticides is always latent and nobody likes to consume these products full of chemicals with potential dangers, there are sources that claim that they do not pass to tea in significant quantities. Still, many do not seem to convince them of all this response.

If you do not agree to consume products that may have pesticides, and much more, in something as rich and healthy as tea is, organic teas are always a wonderful alternative.

These are produced in a completely natural way, without chemicals, without harmful fertilizers or toxic pesticide. For that reason, if you want to go for a tea 100 percent sure, do not hesitate to get some good variant produced in an ecological way.

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