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Beneficial effects of tea on the brain

Beneficial effects of tea on the brain

Did you know that tea consumption can help you fight Alzheimer’s, improve memory and many other issues? Well it’s time that you start to try it so you can see how good it feels to consume this great infusion, in any of its different formats.

Tea, besides being a drink that can accompany a breakfast, a snack and used in the kitchen, also, as you well know, has multiple benefits. White tea, for example, is good for weight loss, red tea is metabolic and green tea helps to fight arthritis, just to mention three of the many specific cases that this infusion has. But the thing does not stop there, because benefits of tea for the brain have also been discovered.

Positive effects of tea on the brain

Tea improves memory: Theanine, together with the EGCG component, are responsible for the improvement in memory. A study conducted in Korea in 2011 shows that green tea can produce memory improvements in people with mild cognitive disorders.

The soothing effects of tea: Theanine is also responsible for the renowned soothing effects of tea, based on studies conducted in 1999. Despite its caffeine content, tea provides a relaxing effect without causing drowsiness.
Green tea can become the great enemy of Alzheimer’s disease: Studies conducted in 2013 by American scientists showed that green tea has a component (EGCG), can interrupt the accumulation of plaques in the brain, which is what makes the cells die This could be the first step towards the discovery of a definitive cure for this disease.

Good for Alzheimer’s, memory and much more

Tea and its relationship with cognitive improvements: Another study conducted in the same year showed that theanine, a psychoactive amino acid almost exclusive to tea, is related to improvement in cognitive development.
Other improvements in general for mental health: Studies conducted in Japan in 2009 showed that the daily consumption of green tea is related to living with less anguish.

If you were already a habitual consumer of tea, here is an excellent reason to continue doing it. If you were not, then a good invitation to start doing it once and for all!

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