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Earl Gray tea, good for cholesterol

Earl Gray tea, good for cholesterol

Have you ever tried Earl Gray tea? Apparently, according to a recent study, it could prove to be great for combating high cholesterol, even helping to prevent heart problems. Do not miss knowing more about their properties!

If last week you could know the great properties of Earl Gray tea (that mix of quality black tea with bergamot oil, delicious, fragrant and unmistakable), then now you can continue adding reasons to the list of why you should consume this delicious blend.

Is that, according to a recent study by the University of Calabria (Italy), this variety of tea would be fully indicated to combat high cholesterol and also to reduce the chances of suffering a heart attack.

Everything came from the study of one of the substances found in bergamot, one of the essential elements of the Earl Gray. These would have a compound called Hydroxy Methyl Glutaryl Flavonones (HGMF) that would do the same job as the statins that are commonly used to fight it.

A new positive news for this tea blend

The results in the comparison of HMGF in concentrate with respect to statins was really positive. Is that, according to the Journal of Functional Foods, an Italian publication where the study was published, “bergamto extract commonly used in Earl Gray tea reduced total cholesterol and bad levels, helping to increase HDL or good cholesterol For that reason, it is believed that a daily duplement of bergamot extract could be very positive to treat high cholesterol. ”

For that reason, if you are one of those who always have a good cup of Earl Gray tea for your breakfasts, do not hesitate to continue doing it. It will be symptoms, without doubts, of good health anti cholesterol.

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