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not to drink bottled tea

not to drink bottled tea

Bottled tea, far from being something healthy
Tea in bottles is usually a good option for those who work outside the home or who like soft drinks with a fruity profile. But, are you consuming tea? In this article, you will find five reasons not to drink bottled tea.

The fashion of bottled tea
Many people consume bottled tea, which comes packaged, with flavors and those kinds of issues that may sound very modern, even healthy, but not always. It’s a question of marketing, deep down: tea is fashionable because of its enormous qualities, so the producers of this kind of drinks take advantage of the trend and put on the market products that are not what they seem to be.

Bottled tea, if compared to a carbonated soft drink such as a cola drink, may have some differences in favor. But it is not the best option that exists, far from it. And even more so if you intend to consume something that is healthy, that offers excellent properties and that, in definitive accounts, helps you feel better. For that reason, you should not fail to take into account what below.

Why bottled tea is bad
Tea in the bottle contains many artificial products: Of course, when you buy a bottle of tea, you are not buying only that. You are acquiring preservatives, dyes, artificial flavors and who knows how many other additives this drink has. From the moment we go, this does not resist any point of comparison with a tea prepared in your home.

Therefore, you are consuming a kind of flavored water that has a trail of tea in the bottom, deep down.

not to drink bottled tea

As much, you will be able to find some option sweetened with stevia. But no more than that.

Prepare half a liter, one liter, whatever you want; black tea, green tea, Orange Xinhui Green Mandarin Ripened Pu Erh Tea.That goes well. You mix it, you let it cool, and you can take it wherever you want. Is not it a much more exciting and healthy option?

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