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what is yellow tea?

what is yellow tea

Yellow tea, a somewhat peculiar Chinese variety
Green tea, red tea, black tea, white tea, blue tea and also yellow tea. Reading this note, you will be able to enter more into your world.

How is yellow tea?
Properties of yellow tea
Where can you get it?
Have you tried yellow tea?

Surely you have already heard and even tried green tea, red tea, and black tea. You are also likely to have an idea about white tea and even blue tea. But did you already have a notion of yellow tea?

Maybe that’s why he’s just getting to know each other in these parts. Meanwhile, keep reading the note and know more about it.

what is yellow tea?
It is a tea that, as its name says, has a somewhat yellowish coloration, both in its leaves and in the final result of the infusion. While it may resemble several green teas that are not so deep in color, it has a unique process that makes it different from all other varieties.

Properties of yellow tea
Yellow tea a huge digestive, since the oxidation process to which it makes enzymes that are great to help the gastric means are activated.

Very good for the cardiovascular system.

Where can you get it?
Perhaps this is the most complicated, since at the moment only some specialized Ancient Hekai Tree Raw Pu Erh Cake Tea houses, some herbalists and, above all, certain stores that handle products of Chinese origin can have it in stock. Just in case, you have to do an online search if you do not get it in your area because it is time that you can enjoy its delicate flavor and its properties.

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