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Why not drink red or black tea during the summer

Why not drink red or black tea during the summer

A green or white tea, better for summer
Without a doubt, red tea and black tea are among the most popular in the world. But, for the opinion of our tea specialist, they are not the most appropriate for summer. Know some cooler alternatives for this time of year.

Many people are quite resistant to all kinds of changes. Especially to mutate those habits that usually have daily. This is how they suddenly find themselves drinking a cup of red tea or black tea in the middle of August, with an oppressive heat and much more after finishing the infusion. Is that these drinks, while they can be taken throughout the year, feel better in autumn or winter. Of that you can be sure, since they are dark, of concentrated flavor and not as refreshing as the option that seems to us more suitable.

Look only at the color that cup of green tea has. Does not it make you much lighter and lighter than black tea or red tea in summer just by looking at it? To me, at least, totally yes. A good green tea, prepared without so much infusion time (with two or three minutes will be perfect) and with water at 70 degrees Celsius, is a perfect choice. There are some varieties that even have some citrus and astringent nuances and that work wonders for this time of year. And do not be afraid to let them cool down.

Green tea cup

Prepare a good jug of green tea in the morning, let it cool at room temperature or in the refrigerator and have it to drink throughout the day as if it were water is not a bad idea. You can even combine it with lemongrass (lemongrass, lemongrass), with ginger and mint. If you want it more fruity, it will go perfect with a little passion fruit or some rich citrus fruits. Not only that green tea will not lose flavor or properties, rather the opposite. The flavors of these herbs and fruits will blend in a unique way to make a perfect drink for those afternoons where the heat does not make you want to think.

Do you want a black tea or a red tea because green do not you like anyway? Good, but drink it cold or at room temperature. It is also astringent, it combines well with lemon, with orange peel, with ginger and even with some spices such as anise or cardamom. A lot of ice and its cooling effect will be accentuated even more. As you could see, this summer you will not have to stop taking your favorite infusions. It’s just that you will take them differently. Smiley face

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