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pu erh tea weight loss

pu erh tea weight loss

pu erh tea weight loss: all about its properties and research that support it
Among the many virtues that Pu-erh has, the one that tends to be more prominent because it is difficult to achieve by other techniques, is to lose weight. Slimming through Pu-erh tea is something that has been used by many people for a long time, and that has studies that support its ability to eliminate extra kilos.

Pu-erh to lose weight: the best you to lose weight?
Its chief virtues would come from the ease of eliminating fat, coupled with the reduction of blood cholesterol levels.

For example, in the University of Yunnan, located in China, they concluded that drinking three or four cups of Pu-erh a day, one can get thin, depending on the person’s overweight state. According to the studies carried out by this educational center, people who had a high degree of obesity came to lose up to 9 kilos in a month.

Even many achieved it also thought they did not vary at all their usual diet.

The properties of pu erh tea weight loss
There are, anyway, conflicting reasons as to where these Pu-erh tea facilities come from to lose weight. These are the properties of this slimming tea.

Fat Burn.
It is diuretic.
It helps with the hepatic metabolism.
It is digestive.
It is antioxidant.
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Pu-erh or green tea: what is better for you to lose weight?
Pu-erh or green tea when losing weight?

But, on the other hand, 2007 Yunnan Palace Ripened Pu-erh Loose Tea has excellent action on the metabolism and also helps to purify the liver.

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