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Recommended daily dose of tea

Recommended daily dose of tea

Many people, especially those who drink tea in large quantities, will wonder, what is the ideal dose of daily consumption for this kind of drinks. The truth is that there are no limits, beyond the contraindications that each specific variety may have. In fact, to achieve greater efficiency in the absorption of the properties it is recommended to drink it assiduously.

One of the big doubts that usually afflicts the habitual consumers of tea is what is the recommended daily dose of these drinks. Whether it’s black tea, red tea, green tea or white tea.

As a starting point, we must mention some contraindications that has the consumption of tea in general, whatever the variety. One of them is that it hinders the absorption of iron that we consume through food. It is for this same reason that it is advisable to always drink tea after meals. Leaving one hour before and one hour later will be enough.

Recommended amounts of tea to drink on the day

Another classic contraindication is that all teas are beverages containing theine, a stimulating substance that can affect people suffering from hypertension. This is how those who suffer from high blood pressure are advised not to drink or be inclined by moderate portions of white tea (the lowest in the content of theine) or in its absence the rooibos, a plant that is an excellent emollient of red tea but without theine.

For the rest, the tea can be drunk in the quantities that one wishes to do it. Moreover, many recommend that the ideal is to consume several times a day so that the properties of them are incorporated into useful rations for the body. Even most of the studies that are done on habitual consumers of tea, take as a starting point about four cups a day.

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