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Red tea, ideal for digestion

Red tea, ideal for digestion

Red tea: the digestive tea that will help you be better
It is proven that pu’erh red tea is excellent for the time of digestion. It is that this digestive tea increases the production of gastric acid, and thus favors the natural metabolism of the liver. Do not hesitate to drink a little red tea if that type of gastric discomfort afflicts you.

Pu-erh red tea, digestive tea
The red tea, like most of the digestive teas, has a number of medicinal properties thanks to the benefits granted by the active ingredients of the Camelia Sinensis plant. Among them, we must tell its excellent action for the gastrointestinal tract. It is proven in scientific studies that this type of tea greatly improves digestion. It is that they greatly stimulate the production of gastric acid, because they accelerate the hepatic metabolism and generate bile salts that are very good for digestion.

At the Chinese Medical Institute in Kunming, many tests were performed, after which it was possible to eliminate the microbes and bacteria that cause dysentery and other intestinal infections. In addition, the therapeutic effect exerted by tannins on the intestinal mucous membranes was demonstrated. The results of these medical studies led to the conclusion that red tea increases resistance against parasites. In short, it is a digestive tea.

At this point, pu erh red tea can already be considered as one of the efficient medicinal plants in case of intestinal infections. In China you have the good habit of taking a rich red digestive tea after copious meals, to activate indigestion and prevent the typical “drowsiness”, the sleep after the meal.

In turn, it is also estimated that red tea (pu’erh) is ideal for diuretic action, while promoting the natural elimination of toxins and preventing fluid retention. Another question that has in favor this excellent tea is that anyone can drink it. Even people who have sensitive stomachs and pregnant or lactating women, although in moderate amounts.

Dr. J├╝rgen Weihofen, in his book Pu Er Erh, slims by gaining energy, says that many of his patients who suffer from a lazy bowel have improved their bowel movements with the intake of three cups a day of pu erh red tea. This therapeutic effect on the intestines can provide an additional explanation on the slimming effect that this curative drink possesses: reducing the time that food is in the intestines would also allow fats to be absorbed from foods deposited in the intestine in lower measure. This fact would be of great help when you want to lose weight. And that is why it is used so much red tea to lose weight.

In this way you already have at hand another magnificent medicinal property of pu erh red tea. So, you know, to get ready with some red tea for after those heavy meals that threaten not to let you sleep at night and you will have at hand a great tea for digestion.

What is digestion?

Digestion is the process that takes place in the digestive system of the food we eat. You can always produce a bad digestion for issues such as eating in a hurry, chewing little, gas or also in poor condition, in addition to viruses or diseases.

Stomach problems can be chronic or temporary. For this reason, it is very important to consider red tea as a digestive option for when you are not well.

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