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The benefits of bottled tea are lost

The benefits of bottled tea are lost

Today, many people choose to buy bottled tea to save time. Big mistake. According to recently published research, the properties of the drink are significantly lost compared to the tea prepared by oneself.

Tea in any of its varieties has become one of the drinks of the world’s head. In fact, it is the second most consumed globally. One of the reasons that have positioned him there are his enormous properties. But those benefits are clearly diminished if the tea is drunk in a bottle or can.

According to an analysis produced by Shiming Li, a researcher at the WellGen biotechnology company, “Consumers understand very well that the consumption of tea and related products has health benefits, however, there is a large gap between the perception of the benefits of Tea consumption and the amount of healthy nutrients – polyphenols – in bottled tea drinks Our analysis has determined that the polyphenol content is extremely low. ”

The properties of tea in the bottle are not the same

According to the study, while a cup of tea contains between 50 and 150 mg of polyphenols (the antioxidant substance par excellence of tea, very present especially in green tea), when this beverage is bottled, the amount of low average at 37 mg, even reaching below 10 mg.

Everything would have a simple explanation: polyphenols are bitter and astringent, a taste that not everyone easily tolerates. From there comes the “need” of the industry to reduce them and make the drink more accessible to the palate of the majority. The consequences are described.

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