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Benefits and contraindications of red tea

Benefits and contraindications of red tea

Properties of red tea
Pu-erh red tea is one of the most praised drinks, due to its multiple properties and its few contraindications. It is estimated that much of its great qualities come from the double fermentation process that is given to this tea during the passage of time.

Red tea is an excellent ally for good health, all this due to its great properties.

It is estimated that many of its benefits come especially from the double fermentation process, which is quite widespread and in which it incorporates some microorganisms that, ultimately, would be decisive.

According to specialists, for its effects to be felt, it is indicated that you consume at least three cups of tea daily. This is something that may seem excessive in the Western world, but which is quite common in other places.

Main properties of pu-erh red tea
It helps to lose weight. It is a drink of high thermogenic power, which helps you to accelerate the basal and hepatic metabolism. Because of this, you can take it to burn fat more quickly and to activate the proper functioning of the liver.

It reduces the levels of bad cholesterol in blood. Several studies prove that red tea helps lower bad cholesterol and, also, triglyceride levels. That is why it is considered an ideal natural remedy to prevent and treat dyslipidemias.
Collaborate with digestion. This infusion not only regulates intestinal function, but also helps in the elimination of toxins and the prevention of fluid retention.

Contraindications of red tea
Red tea has very few contraindications, however it is recommended that you avoid taking it in certain cases.

Risks or disadvantages
Hypertension Basically, it is a drink that contains theine, an alkaloid substance that stimulates the central nervous system and increases blood pressure, which is why, if you suffer from hypertension, drink it moderately.
Pregnancy and lactation. Because pregnant women are more inclined to suffer sudden changes in blood pressure, to avoid the risk of preeclampsia, if you are pregnant is better to opt for a tea without theine, such as Rooibos. It’s also not good for babies, so avoid it too if you find yourself nursing.
Anemia: although it is not proven, it is estimated that red tea could affect the absorption of iron from some foods. Therefore, if you suffer from anemia, just avoid it.
Interactions with other foods
Another point of interest related to the contraindications of red tea comes from the interactions that this drink produces with other substances.

Red tea and grapefruit juice: this mixture can increase the plasma levels of theine, and thus accentuate its adverse effects.
Red tea with milk: milk can become unusable its antioxidant effects. The combination will not hurt you, but you will not take advantage of the benefits of red tea.
Red tea
It is about evaluating the benefits and contraindications that tea consumption may have in your case in particular. If the problem is its high concentration of theine, you can try to prepare tea without theine in less than five minutes.

How to drink red tea Pu-erh

When it is time to consume it, you can either choose to prepare infusions with their leaves, or use red tea supplements in capsules.

Red tea in capsules
The red tea pills are a simple and practical way to take advantage of the benefits of pu-erh when you do not like too much the infusions or when you do not have time to prepare and drink them. You can buy red tea in capsules to lose weight in online stores, in health food stores or in pharmacies.

Red tea in strands
It is the most traditional presentation of red tea and, therefore, the easiest to obtain. If you are a tea lover in general, you will surely choose this option, because it is the one that best preserves the flavor and properties of red tea.

Red tea in bags or sachets
It is a more practical alternative to red tea in strands, since you can prepare the tea without having to strain it. It is also the best option to take to work, since they are easily available in individual packages.

The best recipes with Pu-erh red tea
Drinking red tea does not always have to be the same. There are many ways to prepare it in smoothies, desserts and hot infusions. Here you can find the easiest and most delicious recipes with red tea.

Red tea with mint and chocolate: prepare this delicious homemade blend to taste especially in winter. The delicious combination of mint and chocolate highlights the intense flavor of red tea.

Red tea jelly: this is a light dessert that you can not stop eating. And eat it without guilt, since not only has few calories, but also helps you burn fat.

Red tea shake and strawberries: once you prepare this red shake, not only will you conquer the palate, but also the eyes and nose. Tastes delicious, looks great and smells wonderful. It is another recipe with red tea that will allow you to purify the body and lose weight.

Red tea ice cream: it is a must-read recipe in the summer, but you can also prepare it in the winter if you get tired of hot red tea. Have you already tried it?

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