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Benefits of red tea: what is it for a diet to lose weight?

Benefits of red tea what is it for a diet to lose weight

3 benefits of red tea diet
If you still do not know the incredible benefits of red tea in your diet, what do you expect? Discover what it is for and how you can use it in your diet to lose weight.

Red tea, the largest of the Camelia sinensis family, more specifically Pu Erh red tea has become very popular for its weight loss effects.

This tea has in relation to the other types of tea, some particularities, by which the balance can be tilted in favor of one or the other, if what you are looking for is to lose weight.

What differentiates red tea, green tea and white tea, also used to lose weight, is the fermentation process that goes through. Hence, the product of it, contains more alkaloids than the other representatives of Camellia sinensis, so red tea is slightly stimulating.

What is red tea for?
If you want to know what red tea is for, you have to know the benefits of red tea to lose weight. The combination of these three properties make this variety of tea one of the most effective to lose weight.

Detoxifying benefit
Red tea exerts this action through various mechanisms. On the one hand, diuresis increases, which favors the elimination of liquids that carry with them toxins. On the other hand, it stimulates digestion, favoring both liver work and intestinal transit, which accelerates smoothly.

Thermogenic benefit
Like other types of tea, it has a thermogenic effect, which results in an acceleration of the metabolism, by virtue of which you will not need to restrict so much the calories of your diet to lose weight, since the consumption of red tea contributes with its fat burning effect .

Stimulating benefit
If you are one of those who diet makes them feel weak and without energy, red tea may be a good choice, since its antidepressant action gives you a slightly euphoric effect.

How to make the red tea diet

In principle, the diet of red tea Pu Erh provides for the consumption of four cups of red tea daily-one in each meal-within a diet to lose weight, which otherwise does not differ from most diets with carbohydrate restriction simple, fats and animal proteins.

In other words, it is about making a hypocaloric diet and adding the consumption of red tea. Watch this video where you will find explained, step by step, how to drink red tea to burn fat.

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