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Bingdao Peacock, a variety of red tea

Bingdao Peacock a variety of red tea

A quality tea with a lot of distinction
The world of red tea has is perhaps not as broad as that of green tea. But it also has a multitude of specific varieties and styles that are the “holy grails” of its category. The Bingdao Peacock, especially some harvests of it, fall into this category. Find out in this note!

There are always varieties of tea to discover, in one part of the world and another. Do you know the Bingdao Peacock? It is a variety of red tea that, within the experts in the field, has won good whole for its quality. Not all the harvests of the same have been equal, but there are some very outstanding. Like, know it in detail by reading this article.

How do you get and what characteristics does Bingdao Peacock tea have?
It is a tea of ​​wild origin, which has only the classic fermentation process to which the pu-erh is subjected year after year. It is obtained in the area of ​​Bingdao and it is known as Peacock, because the picture of a peacock appears on the paper that surrounds the cakes

It is said that for years it was one of the most reputed and lately its level has started to fall a little. Anyway, it’s still a wonderful tea. And if you can manage to get your 2005, 2006 harvest, much better.

The Peacock of Bingdao is characterized by having that earthy and maltose thing of all red tea, but adding notable aromas and citrus flavors, and a natural sweetness that ends up giving it a remarkable body and taste.

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How Bingdao Peacock tea is prepared and what time of day it is
Like all red tea, it is prepared with water at about 80 °. Then you choose if you want to take a single infusion deeper, or several spaced, but softer and with less infusion time.

Now the question will be simply that you can see for when it suits you, because the truth is a quite versatile you and that can be consumed at every moment of the day without any problem.

Other varieties of red tea that you can discover
Do you want to know other varieties of red tea that you can have at your fingertips? Give a chance to a rich drink, if you have the possibility to buy some of these recommended tea.

Pu-erh white tea A more than particular variety of red tea, it is prepared from white tea buds. But they carry the traditional process of the classic pu-erh.
Nan nou shan, a great red tea. Another variety of red tea that has established itself as one of the strongest in China. A lot of personality in this delicious infusion.
Cadair, a blend with pu-erh. This variety of red tea is actually a blend. And it is characterized by having a tremendous oriental flavor that you should not stop trying.

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