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Pu-erh red tea from Bing Dao, delicate and handmade

Pu-erh red tea from Bing Dao, delicate and handmade

A wonderful red tea
Bing Dao is an area of ​​China where one of the best pu-erh red tea is made in that country. Do you want to know more about him? Well then do not miss this note, where you will reveal a world of delicacy and flavor.

The world of red tea is really broad in China. Pu-erh is an exclusive product of this country and, searching in different regions, surprising varieties appear. Such is the case of Bao Ding, one of the most exclusive and traditional types of red tea. Keep reading and you will know it in detail!

How is it obtained
This tea comes from Bao Ding and is obtained by hand. The region is particularly good for growing tea and then the fermentation processes will do the rest.

The Bao Ding is characterized by being a tea that is harvested many meters high, more than 2,000, which is not usually so common in the cases of a pu-erh. And that ends up configuring it as one of the most reputed in the world, because the nights are cool and this helps a lot.

The Bao Ding is presented in the form of “cakes”, pressed, and has the characteristic of coming from trees that have, in some cases, more than 500 years old.

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What are the characteristics of Pu Ehr tea from Bing Dao and how is it prepared?
This tea is characterized by a rather pale infusion, crystalline, somewhat yellow, amber in some cases. Its fruity and floral aromas stand out. When you drink it, you will feel a subtle sweetness and a slight earthiness. It really is a very delicate tea.

When preparing it, they usually use approximately 5 grams per infusion. The usual thing is to pass the leaves a little hot water to be opened and then yes, you regulate the water to make the infusion.

You can reinfuse it more than 10 times without problem and it is estimated that water at about 80-90 ° can go well. The infusion time varies, although usually they are very short periods, increasing according to the next infusion to take more flavor. But, as you know, it’s a matter of trying.

What time of day is it
You can enjoy this tea in special moments, mainly. It is that it is a tea that is not usually economical.

In addition, there is another implicit question: this is a variety of red tea that is usually used for storage. That is to say, it is worthwhile consuming it over time, in order to test the alterations of flavor that are generated.

Anyway, being a red tea, it is an infusion that can be taken at any time of day without any problems. It’s just a matter of finding the right moment.

Other varieties and blends of red tea

Do you want to try other good styles? Then it’s time to go with some of these recommendations, which will come in handy when you want a rich cup of pu-erh.

Pu-erh white tea How is this? A white tea that is red at the same time, because it has the processes that a rich pu-erh has. Are you going to miss knowing him?
Nan nuo shan A variety of red tea quite strong, with a lot of personality. It comes from china and is a tea with notes of mango and peach.
Red tea with ginger. Excellent for those who like that spicy touch that ginger brings to any preparation. Perfect for the mornings.

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