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5 Blends with red tea for autumn and winter

5 Blends with red tea for autumn and winter

A great quintet of options with pu-erh
Red tea is great for all times of the year, but that earthy and warm taste suits the fall and winter season very well. Do you dare with some rich blends of pu-erh for this season?

Are you a true red tea fan? Well then this article is going to come wonder for this season of autumn and winter. Is that here you will find neither more nor less than 5 perfect recipes with pu-erh to combat the cold. And, above all things, to protect the senses with pleasant sensations.

5 Blends with pu-erh red tea
Red tea, plums and violet petals. A perfect and sensory mix, ideal for winter. The aroma of the petals will intermix with the plums, forming a perfect infusion for when it is cold.
Red tea, vanilla and coconut. This mixture is one of my favorites. Vanilla and coconut with the “support” of red tea from behind, can never fail. It is to have the cup between the hands, to warm up and not to stop feeling that intoxicating aroma that the infusion gives off for a second.
Red tea, ginger and cinnamon. Do you walk with cold and also you are surprised to catch a cold? Give the red tea a chance, mixed with ginger and a little cinnamon. It will help you to be better in every way. Until spiritually.
Red tea, orange, roses and vanilla. Fruity, floral and aromatic. A mixture that may sound strange, but that is perfect to take in the morning, without going any further.
Red tea, chocolate nibs and cardamom. A mixture that will give your tea a toasted and pleasant shade through chocolate, but also an interesting spiced and aromatic counterpoint from the hand of cardamom. A perfect blend to enjoy on a rainy autumnal afternoon, listening to a good record.

More recipes and practical uses of red tea

Red tea is a fascinating infusion, which gives many possibilities. This is why you do not have to stop trying it in other ways. Do you want to discover some good options that include pu-erh within your content? Do not miss these alternatives, where you will even find a beauty trick, because this tea gives everything.

Red tea smoothie and strawberries. A mix of red tea and strawberries in a rich smoothie to lose weight. You just have to use it in the morning to enjoy its results. Of flavor, it is delicious.
Red tea jelly. Have you ever dared to make tea with gelatin? Well then do not miss this recipe, which is perfect for any time where you want to have a red tea … pro in the form of jelly.
Exfoliating red tea. What has been said: red tea is not just for drinking. With it you can prepare a great exfoliant for your skin, which is easy to prepare and used in the same way.

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